Designer Haworthia Combo

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Enhance your space with the charming presence of Haworthia in a stylish ceramic pot, complemented by our delightful assortment of 5 Mini Chocolate Bars in assorted flavors. This pairing offers a touch of natural beauty and sweet indulgence, making it an ideal gift or a treat for yourself.

Product Details:

  • Haworthia Plant: A low-maintenance succulent known for its unique and attractive appearance, perfect for adding greenery to any space.
  • Mini Chocolate Bars: An assortment of 5 mini bars in a variety of delicious flavors, offering a delightful treat.

Care Instructions:

  • Plant Care: Place in bright, indirect sunlight and water sparingly.
  • Chocolate Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct heat and sunlight.

Enjoy the perfect blend of natural elegance and sweet enjoyment with our Designer Haworthia Combo.

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