Garden Croton Combo

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Elevate your space with our Garden Croton in a designer ceramic pot, paired with our indulgent selection of 62% Dark Chocolate-covered Oranges (230g) and Whole Roasted Hazelnuts. This trio harmonizes botanical elegance with decadent flavors, promising a sensory delight for all occasions.

Product Details:

  • Garden Croton: A vibrant indoor plant known for its colorful foliage, suitable for bright, indirect light and regular watering.
  • Dark Chocolate-covered Oranges: Tangy oranges coated in rich 62% dark chocolate, offering a refreshing yet indulgent treat.
  • Dark Chocolate with Whole Roasted Hazelnuts: Velvety dark chocolate complemented by crunchy whole roasted hazelnuts, a luxurious pairing of textures and flavors.

Care Instructions:

  • Plant Care: Place in bright, indirect light and water regularly to maintain vibrant foliage.
  • Chocolate Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve freshness and flavor.

The Garden Croton Combo blends the beauty of a Garden Croton with the richness of dark chocolate-covered oranges and hazelnuts. Perfect for enhancing any space or as a thoughtful gift, it offers both visual appeal and luxurious treats.

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