Solo Solace with Green Teas

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A unique tea set for indulgent solo tea ceremonies.

This is an indulgent yet practical gift to celebrate tea and self-love alike. The hero of this set is a unique combo of a kettle, cup & saucer - as unique and self-contained as you. Made complete with a tin of any of our finest herbal infusions or our signature deep blue tea and an infuser measuring spoon.

p.s. you are unique. so it is your choice 😊

This gift set contains-

1 cup and saucer
1 tea kettle
1 brass tea measuring spoon
2 green teas
tea flavors in the box

Luscious cranberry tea - Remember guilt-free childhood with delicious creamy desserts? This fruity mélange of cranberry and apple will take you there. It is delightful when served either cold with ice or hot. It is divine with a dash of added honey.
Peach pasture tea - Take your palate on a spirited adventure! fresh, fruity peaches compliment the smooth, earthy chamomile to make this exuberant blend. This is not just a tonic for the nerves but also a tea for the soul.
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