Solo Solace with Herbal Infusions

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A Unique Tea set for Indulgent Solo Tea Ceremonies

This is an indulgent yet practical gift to celebrate tea and self-love alike. The hero of this set is a unique combo of a kettle, cup & and saucer - as unique and self-contained as you. Made complete with a tin of any of our finest herbal infusions or our signature deep blue tea and an infuser measuring spoon.

P.S. You are Unique, and so is your choice.

Box contains - 

1 Cup and saucer

1 Tea kettle

1 Brass tea measuring spoon

2 Green teas

Flavors - 

Crimson paradise - This wholesome hibiscus blend of citrus and spice, with its otherworldly taste, is proof. this aromatic infusion promotes heart health and helps lower blood pressure. Experience the hero amongst beverages.

Herbal purple infusion - This regal blend is a concoction fit for royalty. A mix of crisp apple and fresh basil, with lavender hues, this pristine purple tea rules the three worlds of taste, beauty and health.

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