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A Box of 4 of Our Finest Green Tea's

Our Indulgent Box of plenty is a hat tip to the Mythical Cornucopia – the horn of abundance. Gift ‘Beyond Abundance’ with the goodness of sy’a Luxury Green Tea. Bring in the festive spirit with nourishment for the mind, heart, and soul. 

P.s. It’s your gift for wellness, we are just means. 


Deep blue tea - allow us to add a little novelty and a little extra colour in your life. this magical blue tea changes colour on adding anything citrus. The exquisite taste instantly uplifts your spirits - with or without the exotic beverages you can make with it.

Morning star tea - oolong, the star of teas, meets star anise. that makes this the superstar of teas. this fabulous beverage is smoky yet silky with a milky aroma, but without any milk. did you say magic? Every sip will enchant you with its smooth velvety texture. With gradual layers of complexity adding to the mystique.

Darjeeling bloom tea - Express your love for the planet and the gift of life. With this tender one leaf white tea from the loftiest peaks, brought to you with delicate care and minimal processing. Subtle taste, complex after taste and suitable for multiple infusions - as exquisite as you.

Crimson paradise infusion - not all heroes wear capes, not all beverages are unhealthy. This wholesome hibiscus blend of citrus and spice, with its other worldly taste, is proof. This aromatic infusion promotes heart health and helps lower blood pressure. Experience the hero amongst beverages!

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