Solo Solace with White Teas

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A Unique Tea set for Indulgent Solo Tea Ceremonies

This is an indulgent yet practical gift to celebrate tea and self-love alike. the hero of this set is a unique combo of a kettle, cup & and saucer - as unique and self-contained as you. made complete with a tin of any of our finest herbal infusions or our signature deep blue tea and an infuser measuring spoon.

P.S. You are Unique, so is your choice.

Box contains - 

1 Cup and saucer

1 Tea kettle

1 Brass tea measuring spoon

2 Green teas

Flavours - 

Silver lining tea – Experience this exquisite white tea from the highest peaks. It is the highest in antioxidants and is twice as healthy as green tea. It is a limited edition, just like you.

Darjeeling bloom tea - Express your love for the planet and the gift of life with this tender one-leaf white tea from the loftiest peaks, brought to you with delicate care and minimal processing. Subtle taste, complex aftertaste, and suitable for multiple infusions - as exquisite as you.

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